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If you are interested in yoga, or have already experienced some of the basics and want to move on to a more demanding type of yoga, then you may be ready to join a yoga studio. Unlike yoga classes in a gym, the studio offers specialist learning in dedicated buildings, with a range of classes suitable for beginners or intermediate learners. You can discuss your needs with the community at Fittco to find the perfect local studio for your requirements, or to learn more about what to expect from the studio.

Learn new yoga styles at a studio

One of the most significant benefits of studio yoga is that you can learn more about different schools of yoga, including Bikram and Ashtanga. The different types of yoga that you learn at a yoga studio can help you to choose the perfect one for your needs, and is a great way to extend your experience or settle on a particular school of yoga. You can find out more information from the articles on Fittco, or talk to instructors, personal trainers and fitness professionals in the Fittco community about yoga studios in your local area.

  • Specialise – Although all forms of yoga are beneficial, joining a yoga studio will help you pinpoint the type of yoga that fulfils your particular needs, be they meditation, flexibility, strength, or weight loss.
  • Join a community – Unlike yoga classes at the gym, where people come and go without much attention being paid, being a member of a yoga studio is being part of a community, and you’ll find yourself forming bonds with the other clients.
  • Equipment – From mats and blocks to blankets and singing bowls, the range of equipment that’s available for yoga is wide and varied. Although every class will have some, a studio will have the full works.
  • Setting – Rather than a short booking in a general purpose room that’s just been used for jazz-ercise or judo, yoga studios are purpose built to create a relaxing atmosphere conducive to good practise.
  • Teachers – There’ll usually be a range of teachers at a studio, so you can try several classes and choose one that fits your learning style the best.

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