Yoga Gear & Equipment

The best yoga gear and equipment for your workout.

When you start yoga classes, you may think that the only piece of yoga gear that you will need is a mat.

Yoga mats are extremely common, and are used not only for this type of workout, but for a number of others which require contact with the floor.

However, there is more to yoga than just the mats, and you should think about making use of some of the other types of equipment that can make your workout easier.

  • Comfort – Wearing tight or restrictive clothes while doing yoga is a no-no. Make sure you’ve got full range of motion and aren’t distracted or held back by constrictive materials.
  • Technique – Some yoga poses are very challenging. In order to get into the pose and hold it, you may need to use blankets or blocks to support your body or limbs. This will help you achieve it.
  • Safety – Some yoga equipment is used to stop you from pushing a pose to far or pulling a muscle by putting too much strain on it. Preventing injury is an important factor for ongoing practise.
  • Progress – Yoga equipment will allow you to progress at your own pace, breaking a pose down into easy stages so you can steadily improve in a safe and supported way.
  • Style – Let’s face it, we all like to look good, and the right yoga gear leaves us stepping out for class with a smile on our faces and our shoulders held back.

Learn about different yoga gear and equipment with fittco

The fittco community can be the ideal place to discuss equipment and materials used in yoga.

The community, made up of health professionals and those involved in the fitness industry, can help you to understand the benefits of yoga bricks, for example, which are often used to help improve your postures and support the body while you are in different poses.

When you are learning how to move from one place to another, these bricks and other accessories can be very useful.

The fittco community can help you to decide which pieces of equipment are most suited to your needs.

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