Yoga Clothing

Find the most comfortable yoga clothing

If you are learning yoga, and want to have the right clothes for your classes, then you may be searching for specialist yoga clothing.

The principle of all good yoga wear is that it allows you to move freely, without pinching, discomfort or any other type of complaint. If you are not sure what type of clothing you should be wearing, then you need to consider the most popular options.

You could also get information about the right clothing for you needs from the experts at fittco, which includes health professionals and personal trainers who will know what is required for yoga classes.

  • Maintain a microclimate – The right clothing for yoga will wick away sweat without letting you get chilled, keeping you balanced in that perfect spot between hot and cold.
  • Allow full range of movement – Because of the nature of yoga with its large range of movement, clothes that stretch and don’t constrict or restrict your movement are vital.
  • Feel comfortable – Choose fabrics that are soft on your skin and help you feel relaxed and positive, improving your concentration and the overall experience of your practise.
  • Keep muscles functional – It’s important to be warm when you start your session to put your muscles at full elasticity, and the proper layering of clothes will allow you to get cooler as you work harder. Evaporation of sweat can leave you chilled, leading to possible injury, so clothing that keeps you at the right temperature is crucial.
  • Look great – Yoga is all about overall well-being, and feeling and looking great is an important part of that. A smart set of yoga clothes will get you much more in the mood than a ratty pair of joggers and an old t-shirt.

Make sure your clothing works

You need to buy yoga clothing that will accommodate the requirements of your exercise classes.

Most fittco community members will recommend that you buy yoga pants, or yoga trousers, as these allow the most flexibility.

You can also choose to buy either high-arm crop-tops, which will allow full movement for your arms, or a 3/4 jacket or top, which offer greater coverage without preventing movement.

Ask the fittco community for their thoughts about potential purchases and make sure that your clothing is perfect for your workout.

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