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Get fit with Yoga classes

Yoga is an ancient way of life that involves stretching the body into formal poses, and holding those poses.

In the past, these postures were considered to be the gateway to enlightenment and the separation of the individual from the physical world, but modern society tends to use it as a form of fitness and relaxation.

Yoga classes teach people how to make the poses, and encourage them to stretch into sometimes difficult or uncomfortable postures.

While it is not always very comfortable, it can be one of the best ways to start getting fit.

  • Flexibility – yoga classes improve your flexibility and range of motion; over time you’ll be able to stretch your body to range you didn’t think possible.
  • Muscle Building – muscles will be built through yoga; strong muscles help protect us from injury and even reduce the risk of falls.
  • Posture – improve your posture with daily yoga.  You can use a balancing ball to help with these exercises.
  • Builds cartilage – stretching and yoga prevent the breakdown of cartilage by adding a range of motion to your fitness routine.
  • Bone Health – builds bone health through weight-bearing exercises.

How yoga classes help you lose weight

The principle of yoga, as taught in group fitness classes, is to make and hold postures.

Being able to hold these positions takes a great deal of effort, and it helps the participants to develop core strength, which involves the muscles around the spine, hips and shoulders.

Learning the skills of yoga can help you to improve your muscles and will also burn calories by stretching those muscles.

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