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There has been an increase in the number of women in Australia looking for specialist gyms. These gyms have classes, days or even whole buildings which are reserved for the exclusive use of women. There are a few reasons why women want to be able to use the gym in private, without men. The first reason is that they feel more relaxed, and able to concentrate on their own workout, when men are not around. The second reason is that gyms tend to have a reputation for being sweaty and testosterone-filled, and that has deterred women for many years.

  • Let it all hang out! – Feeling self-conscious about getting red-faced and sweaty in front of hot guys? A women’s-only class or gym might be just the thing to liberate you and set you on a path to fitness and health unfettered by concerns of being judged.
  • Share goals – A lot of women have the same goals, or at least variations on them; get lean, get fit and functionally strong, and lose body fat. Most of the time, these don’t tie in that well with men’s goals, which are more often to build muscle, gain muscle, and build some more muscle.
  • Have fun – Ever had a girls’ night in? Having the girls together for a workout can be great fun; why not give it a try?
  • Group motivation – When you share the same problems with someone and they understand your position, it makes it a lot easier to draw motivation from others’ strength and really take support from their presence.
  • Religious or cultural preferences – If you have issues working out around men for religious or cultural reasons, a women’s-only gym will give you a chance to get fit and have fun without troubling your beliefs.

Start looking for a women-only gym in your area with Fittco, and you could find gyms which cater specifically to women, including weight loss and fitness classes, swimming and health clubs, and also strength training specifically suited to women. Fittco can help you to find advice about using women-only gyms in your area, and also about other classes and clubs which are specifically dedicated to women and their requirements. There are many women who want to make use of these gyms, so you can find one in your local area today.

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