There’s no doubt that a good workout is conducive with great activewear.

A stylish, supportive outfit will not only increase your confidence and make you feel ready for the gym, it will also enhance your physical abilities and allow you to get the most out of your workout, however you choose to burn the calories.

If you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by the fabrics, fits and styles on offer, we’re here to help.

With the correct gear you’ll instantly feel more determined to tackle that workout, finally bringing your long-term goals within reach.

Why do I need good-quality activewear?

If you have a fitness goal in mind, you’re far more likely to reach it if you invest in some quality gear that suits the season as well as your chosen activity.

There’s nothing stopping you from throwing on some old leggings and a t-shirt and going for a run, but baggy fabrics and ill-fitting trousers are likely to get in your way, slow you down and ultimately making your workout feel ten times harder than it actually is.

Swap your old baggy trousers for some lightweight, breathable cropped capris and there will be no extra weight dragging you down.

Swap that old t-shirt for a fitted active top and you’ll feel cooler, more comfortable and totally supported as you workout.

It’s exactly the same story for bras, trainers and cover-ups — each one is designed to offer you maximum support for everything from high-impact cardio to low-impact yoga.

Your workout is likely to be transformed with good-quality activewear.

What makes great activewear?

1. Moisture-resistant fabrics

For high-impact workouts like running, cross fit and intense cardio, a moisture-resistant fabric will protect you and allow you to feel comfortable however much you sweat.

This clever fabric will also stop you from overheating, allowing you to reach your full potential, make personal goals and surprise even yourself.

Active pants, shorts and tops that are made with this type of fabric are perfect for keeping you dry in the summer and warm in the winter, meaning that once you’ve invested in some workout gear with wicking fabric, you can wear them all-year round.

2. Fitted shorts and pants that don’t slip and slide

Whether you’re into cycling or yoga, it can always feel harder to workout when the summer months hit.

To ensure you’re getting the most out of your workout, choosing lightweight shorts will allow for more comfortable exercise.

A trim design is perfect for keeping you cool, whilst also ensuring it doesn’t get in the way.

Cyclists will benefit from choosing lightweight shorts with extra padding to relieve uncomfortable muscle pressure during long rides.

Yogis will appreciate lightweight shorts that boast a fitted interior, allowing for even the toughest of poses to be reached with ease.

Runners and cardio-lovers will benefit from capri pants that are shorter in length.

3. Added chest support

It’s a no-brainer that your workout gear should come with added chest support.

Sports bras and built-in bras are vital when you’re undertaking a vigorous exercise routine, not only for comfort but for safety too.

Opt for sports bras without any underwriting, since these will sit better beneath tops and outer layers.

Spandex will ensure a snug fit to provide all the support you need during high-impact workouts.

A supportive bra during exercise will make all the difference to your performance — particularly if you are a runner.

4. Bold prints

Okay, so bold prints are not going to enhance your workout physically, but they are great for putting you in a good place mentally!

A bold, exciting print will help you to fall in love with your workout gear and make it a pleasure to throw on when you’re feeling tired.

A successful workout is measured not only by physical stamina but by mental stamina too — experts suggest that bold colours and happy prints will make it that little bit easier to reach your fitness goals.

There’s never been a better excuse to go shopping for some stylish gear.

5. Vented trainers for traction

Your workout gear is rendered useless unless you have shoes designed for your sport. Your maximum potential can only be reached if your shoes are on your side!

For a varied range of activities, you can choose women’s trainers designed for a bit of everything — from running and cycling to aerobics and yoga.

If you’re predominantly a runner, all manner of variables can make a difference — from your weight to the surface you usually run on.

Lightweight shoes with little cushioning are best for shorter distances whilst a padded design will offer that extra support when you’re covering long distances.

Vented uppers will help traction and safety for runners of all kinds.

6. Jackets to complete an outfit

Once you’ve chosen the right supportive outfit for your sport, you can add a jacket or an outer layer to make you feel as if you’ve got a complete ensemble.

This isn’t only great for your workout wardrobe, but it turns your workout outfit into something more practical.

With an outer layer or jacket to throw on, you can go from work to the gym or vice versa whilst feeling stylish and functional.

Pockets and extra features will ensure your phone and wallet can be stored easily whilst a lightweight styling will ensure no extra bulk is added if you wanted to wear it whilst working out.

7. Safety first

If you are often running at night or early morning, consider adding a jacket or sports top with reflective panels to your everyday gear.

Even in low light conditions this simple addition to your gear will ensure you are safe whilst sharing the roads with others.

With a huge range of exceptional workout gear on offer, remember to choose fabrics, fits and styles that suit not only your sport but your personality too.

Exercise can be fun as well as functional, and adding the correct gear to your workout will help you to reach new milestones both physically and mentally.

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