Fitness tips for women

  1. Remember ladies! Packing more weight on the bar won’t make you bulky. It will make you stronger and protect you from osteoporosis by increasing bone density. Load on!
  2. Not sure what to focus on in your workout? Remember the three variables: weights, intensity and volume. Keep your body guessing and focus on one variable per workout.
  3. If you’re not quite ready for the pullup, do plank pulls instead. Lie with your chest under a barbell and pull your chest toward the bar.
  4. rowing machine is a great exercise to get blood flowing to all the muscles and joints in your body. Spend 10 minutes before you strength train for a great full body workout.
  5. Listen up ladies! If motivation is your hang-up, change your exercise routine every 14 days. You’ll enjoy the variety and avoid boredom setting in.
  6. Want a strong backside? Try and complete 100 kettlebell swings nonstop with a moderate weight at the end of a legs workout.
  7. Great tip for women! Blast fat with a circuit that includes strength training and cardio: Do a set of push-ups, jump rope for a minute, do a set of squats, jump rope again, etc. Build muscle while keeping your heart rate high!
  8. When you do high-intensity interval training (and if you’re not, you should be!), follow a 2:1 work-to-rest ratio, such as sprinting one minute followed by 30 seconds of recovery. You’ll maximize your workout results this way!
  9. Always, always, always, focus on form! It does not matter how many push ups you can do in a minute if you are not doing a single one correctly. Choose quality over quantity, and you can stay injury-free.
  10. Take your fitness journey one day at a time, ladies! Long-term goals are important, but can make you feel overwhelmed at times. Make sure you focus on small everyday victories, stay focused on the present, and your future will be successful.

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