What is the reason for some people losing weight faster than others?

Do some people really lose weight faster?

There are many factors related to weight loss and the speed in at which a person loses weight. The two main ones are how prone a person is to stress and what level their metabolism is at.

The most important factor is the way in which people react to stressful situations.

  • Do they eat more in response?
  • Less?

The answer to this question plays a large part in determining someone’s body composition.

Metabolism is the second factor, and is less relevant than reactions to stress. If someone’s metabolism is higher, then they will lose weight faster, since they are burning more energy.

Young men generally have the fastest metabolism and older women have the slowest.

However, the important thing is not always the speed at which you lose weight, but your ability to keep the weight off.

If you lose weight quickly, but put it on again straight away, then you are worse off than a person who loses weight slowly put keeps it off.

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