What should I do once I reach my goal?

What do I need to change about my workout and nutrition plan if I have reached my goal and don’t want to lose more weight or build more muscle?

Diet and exercise are used in combination by people everywhere to reach their goals. Once goals are achieved, diets are usually relaxed and exercise levels are cut back.

Although maintenance levels of exercise are much less than what you would have previously being doing, many people go overboard when they reach their goals.

They begin to treat themselves, stop exercising altogether, and place themselves back on the path of food addiction and a sedentary lifestyle.

Basically, when you have achieved one goal, set another so that you don’t enter this downward spiral. Your training and eating can then be modified in line with this goal.

Remaining active and eating healthy is always important.

If you have reached a goal and are tempted to relax and forget about training for a while, you can fall back into the bad habits an unhealthy life.

If you feel these habits creeping back, do whatever you can to get rid of them. Once you begin to fall back into these habits then they are extremely hard to get rid of again, and you essentially will need to start from the beginning again. Get rid of your bad eating and exercise habits and keep them away!

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