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The best protein powder brands and where to buy in Australia.

Find and compare the best deals on protein powder in Australia, including whey protein blends, whey protein isolate, natural protein, plant based protein and so much more.

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Gelpro Australia

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True Protein

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Klean Athlete

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All hail to everyone’s holy grail! (well for someone who’s passionate about fitness). The most convenient thing that happened to protein is of course, the rise of protein powder.

Protein powders are basically a supplement that will help you maximize your protein intake in an affordable and simple way.

Since they are available in powder form (usually), you can use milk, water or similar liquids in order to consume them. Of course, there are also many other products you can consider that will help you consume the right amount of protein a day, including pre-made drinks, protein bars, etc.

As much as some people would want this to be true, there is no best protein supplement for everyone. We all have a unique body and different fitness goals, so that is why you need to get a powder that complements your goals.

Why is this helpful?

First of all, protein powders help your body create a wide range of body chemicals, such as hormones, enzymes, but they also help build and repair bones, skin, cartilage, muscles and blood. Secondly, protein powers repair muscle tissues, stimulate weight loss, repair your muscles after engaging in physically demanding activities, fuel your muscles after workout and maximize muscle growth.

The Complex World Of Proteins…

Right off the bat, you’ll find that there are many types of protein powders out there, with some of the most common ones including:

Whey protein concentrate

Derived from milk, whey is by far the most common protein source used in workout supplements. What makes it special is the fact that it can be digested fast so that is why many athletes and bodybuilders use such supplements immediately after working out.

The best protein powders out there all use whey protein as one of their main ingredients and that’s not only because it’s quite affordable, but also because the body can digest it very easily.

Whey protein isolates

Another popular ingredient, whey protein isolates are effectively digested by the body and are great for restoring your energy levels and helping your body recover. Keep in mind that products containing whey isolates contain very low amounts of sugar and carbohydrates, which means that they’re a great choice for those on a diet.

Therefore, if you want to use a low carbohydrate protein powder, you need to get one that uses whey isolates as its main ingredient.

Casein protein

Derived from milk, this type of protein is absorbed a lot slower by the body (between five to seven hours), meaning that your body is going to have the energy it needs to engage in various physically demanding activities throughout the day.

A lot of weight loss protein powders use casein as a main ingredient. If you’re a professional athlete or someone who plans on building muscle, you should take this supplement before going to bed.

Soy protein

If you want to supplement your protein intake, then taking soy protein is the best way to go. Out of all the protein types out there, soy protein is by far the healthiest choice and surprisingly, it’s used a lot more by women than it is by men.

If you have various dietary restrictions or allergies, then soy protein is highly recommended for you. Not only does it contain high quality protein, but it’ also dairy free and vegetarian as well.

Other protein types

Other types of proteins you can take include hydrolysate protein, egg albumin, but also milk protein isolate to name a few.

The Most Effective Way Of Taking Protein Powder

In order to make sure that you’re taking the supplements accordingly, you need to check the instructions on the packaging and follow them.

If you’re someone who works out a few times a week and you want to have more energy and recover faster, then you need to opt for a protein shake that’s easily absorbed by your body (such as whey isolates). This shake should be taken after your workout. On the other hand, you can also opt for a protein shake that your body absorbs a little slower, such as casein. Take it before going to bed or between meals.

TIP: For those who have no idea about the amount of protein they should take a day, they can easily calculate it. You should also consider the amount of protein you get from your daily diet as well. Check out this list in order to learn more about the amount of protein each of the foods you eat on a daily basis contains.

The pros of taking protein powders

There are many pros for those who would like to consider taking protein powders and about some of them we are going to talk below.

First, protein powders help your body create a wide range of body chemicals, such as hormones, enzymes, but they also help build and repair bones, skin, cartilage, muscles, and blood. Secondly, protein powers repair muscle tissues, stimulate weight loss, repair your muscles after engaging in physically demanding activities, fuel your muscles after workout and maximize muscle growth.

If you take protein supplements, then you are going to enjoy the benefits we have just described. Just make sure though that before you get a protein powder to do some research to make sure that the one you want to get is high quality.

Getting The Right Protein Powder Shake

When it comes to getting the right protein shake there are quite a few things you need to bear in mind:

  • Quality of ingredients: The quality of the ingredients used in order to make the shake and the type or types of protein used are very important.
  • Brand reputation: The company that sells the protein powder need to have a great reputation. Be sure you only buy supplements from companies that have a great reputation and stand behind their product.
  • Value for money: You need to check the protein powder’s price and learn more about the number of doses you can get from it. Next, take your goals into consideration, your budget and then calculate the amount of money you need to spend on a per-serving basis.
  • Taste/mixability: You need to ensure that the protein powder you get tastes great. After all, if it tastes bad, then there’s a very big chance that you’re only going to use it for a short period of time and then stop using protein powders all together.
  • How well it complements your goals: Do you want to bulk up, tone up, gain more muscle mass or lose weight? Based on your goals, you need to consider a protein powder that can help you achieve them as fast as possible.

One thing you need to know about protein is that it’s found in large quantities in the body and is therefore an essential nutrient.

In fact, all of our muscles are made of protein and this is the main reason why you always read about weightlifters needing a lot of good quality protein in order to recover faster and grow bigger and stronger.

Now that you have this incredible list of high-quality products, you can choose to get any of them that complement your fitness goals and have the peace of mind that it’s going to help you achieve them.

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