Pilates Gear & Equipment

The creator of Pilates devises around 500 exercises for his learners, most of which require some form of mat or other pieces of apparatus.

If you are just starting Pilates, then you may not realise that there is several different types of Pilates equipment which can be used, and think that only a mat is needed.

However, you will have to have other Pilates gear and equipment for certain, including some items which are very expensive.

If you are looking for advice on the type of Pilates equipment to buy, then you should talk to the fittco community about the possibilities.

  • Safety – the right equipment means you’ll perform your exercise safely and with reduced risk of injury.
  • Traction – a good Pilates mat will give you added traction for your routine.
  • Shock Absorption – Pilates is naturally low impact, however, Pilates accessories can reduce your contact with the floor and absorb shock during weight-bearing exercises.
  • Variety – Pilate’s gear and accessories give you the option to break up your routine and add variety to your work out.
  • Hygiene – if you own your own Pilate’s gear you know it will meet the hygienic standards you require.

Getting the right Pilates gear and equipment

When you begin Pilates, the larger pieces of apparatus are not needed, and you should instead focus upon some of the more inexpensive items, including gym balls, stretch bands and Yoga bricks or rollers.

These are designed to help you perform the stretches required in the routine. You could also look at hand weights and Pilates mats.

The fittco community includes experts in a number of fields who may be able to offer you advice about the right type of Pilates equipment to use, and what will be the best sort of equipment to use.

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