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Increase core strength with Pilates classes

Pilates is a 20th century fitness routine which has helped people struggling with fitness, or recovering from injury, to strengthen their core muscles and increase their general levels of fitness.

Pilates concentrates upon the breathing and upon strengthening the spine, neck and hips so that the body is better able to support itself.

Many people who have experienced back pain in the past have had some benefits by attending Pilates classes.

  • Encourage proper breathing – breathing right cannot be understated when it comes to exercise and the right Pilates routine.  You’ll learn how to master breathing in a Pilate’s class and put it to work in all aspects of your life.
  • Improve balance – Pilates will improve the balance in your life, both physically and in the spiritual sense.
  • Gently work out – a Pilate’s routine is gentle on your body and your mind, but it still helps get you into shape.  This is a low impact exercise that is good for those who can’t tolerate a workout or heavy exertion.
  • Strengthen your core and bones – a Pilate’s routine strengthens your core with low impact tenacity.  Through weight-bearing Pilates you can also build bone strength which is helpful as you get older.
  • Shorter recovery times – since Pilates is a low impact workout, you’ll have less time in between for recovery.  This is also a great workout if you’re limited in just how much you can handle in terms of physical exertion.

Join a Pilates class today

When you want to increase your stability and strength, Pilates classes can be the best way to increase your overall fitness levels.

These classes are usually held in groups, so that the instructor can help everyone with their poses and positions, and so that you can learn how to make the shapes by watching others.

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