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Most fitness fans find their personal trainer through the gym. Often they are working as one of the members of staff there, and are training members of the gym as part of their job description.

While this may suit you for a while, sooner or later you will decide to move on to a specialist personal trainer. You could select one that travels to your home, or has their own business, but you could manage just as well with one who is already based at a gym.

There, they will have all the equipment they need to coach you and improve your fitness levels.

  • Instruction – a gym-based personal trainer gives you feedback and immediate instruction on your workout.
  • Push Your Limits – instructors are trained to know your limits and safely push you past them to meet new fitness goals.
  • Camaraderie – a good instructor will also be your friend in your fitness journey and help you during periods of downtime.
  • Safety – a personal trainer can help you take on new classes or routines in a safe way.
  • Accountability – having a personal trainer gives you a great accountability to your workout routine, you’ll be more motivated to make your sessions.

If you want to find a gym-based personal trainer for your latest fitness sessions, then the online FITTCO community could help you.

They hold a directory listing the names of personal trainers across Australia, and so you will be able to find one who can work with you at your own convenience. 

By joining a gym where your personal trainer works, you will also gain access to lots of equipment and materials for use with your personal trainer, as well as to floor space where you can receive coaching.

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