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Nutrition is essential for health and fitness. Foods are fuel for exercising. They support all types of physical activity which has the potential of benefiting health. Sports and fitness nutrition includes a wide range of foods, snacks, and drinks.

Dietitians and nutritionists

Dietitians and nutritionists are both working in the health and nutrition food space. They offer general or applied tips on how to eat a certain way and how to improve health through eating.

Dietitians are regulated and they guide both healthy and sick people. Nutritionists mostly work with healthy people through lifestyle changes in food consumption. Both dietitians and nutritionists can offer guidance on what to eat to reach a certain health or fitness goal.

Types of Healthy Food and Nutrition Basics

Losing or gaining weight is a process that is heavily focused on nutrition. But which foods can be considered for these objectives and what are their main strengths?

Foods prepared at home

Healthy food prepared at home is arguably the healthiest option. People see what goes into the food and they can control sugar and salt intake easier. These foods can also be a bit more affordable than others. Healthier and cheaper, wholesome foods prepared at home are ideal for improved health and fitness.

Premade healthy meals

Premade healthy meals are made by various companies under strict nutritional guidelines. Ideal for busy people or for those who don’t like to cook, premade healthy meals can be ordered at home or work. One of the main benefits of these foods apart from taste is their nutritional information. All premade healthy meals need to come with nutritional information such as the number of calories per portion.

Healthy foods for eating out

Not all healthy foods are prepared at home or delivered to the office. Some healthy foods can be found in restaurants and eateries. Salads are a good example of healthy low-calorie foods that are easily found in cafes and restaurants. Grilled vegetables or grilled chicken sandwiches are other types of healthy foods you can consider while eating out.


Healthy snakes are ideal for quick caloric intake on the go. Nutrition habits can be enhanced by healthy snacks such as fruits, vegetables, low-fat yogurt, or protein bars. All of these are low in calories and high in nutritional value as compared to other unhealthy snacks.


Hydration is crucial for a healthy lifestyle. Regardless of personal fitness objectives, drinking sufficient water is a must every day. There are also other types of healthy drinks to consider for a balanced lifestyle. Tea such as green tea is recommended for weight loss objectives due to its high content of antioxidants. Milk and even black coffee can have their benefits in weight loss and muscle gain as well.


Supplements aren’t needed to lose weight or gain weight. However, they can help under the right circumstances. Dietitians and nutritionists can recommend supplements in case of a certain deficiency. They can also use supplements as a method to add nutritional value to an already established balanced meal plan.

Foods to Avoid in Healthy Nutrition

Some foods are better than others. Processed foods typically come with low nutritional value, sugar and salt which makes them a bit more dangerous for good health. Here are a few common foods to avoid.

Foods high in sugar

Foods that come with high sugar content are among the most dangerous when it comes to overall health. The problem with sugar in foods is that it’s a bit difficult to estimate without some type of deliberate research. Sugar quantities need to be printed on the nutritional label. Processed foods are most likely to have high sugar levels. Some types of drinks can also be extremely high in sugar.

Fast food

Fast food is generally unhealthy when high in calories. But not all types of foods prepared quickly are unhealthy. Salads wrap with vegetables, and some rice meals can be considered healthy. Judging the nutritional value of a meal is a must when ordering from a fast-food restaurant.

Processed meats

Processed meats are rarely healthy. High levels of salt associated with these meats as well as meat by-products used by some brands make them harmful for general health. Processed meats don’t have you lose weight like they don’t help you gain muscle.

3 Common Nutrition Mistakes

Nutrition mistakes abound in the health and fitness space. You might even struggle to identify healthy foods you can eat daily given all the information that can be hard to navigate.

  • Calories aren’t the only healthy food variable

The first mistake made is with abundant information is to simply look at low-calorie foods and take them as the only foods to consume for a healthy life. The quality of the food is just as important as calories. Buying fresh food from local sources is one of the main methods to ensure even low-calorie meals are truly healthy.

  • Not consuming sufficient protein

Protein is a must when it comes to sustaining any type of sport, fitness routine, or physical activity. Some of the best sources of protein come from lean meats and vegetables. Protein is required to maintain strength as loss of muscle can also lead to loss of strength.

  • Not drinking sufficient water

Water should be consumed as often as needed throughout the day. Challenges of modern living often come in the way of drinking sufficient water. Some dietitians even go as far as starting their nutrition tips with the advice of drinking more pure water.

Nutrition is crucial in health and fitness. While some results are achievable even with average nutrition, they aren’t sustainable in the long term. Healthy food can be prepared at home. It can also be found in restaurants as well as in stores. The right combination of calorie control and quality control can be a good first approach to healthier eating. Both dietitians and nutritionists can offer personalized guidance on proper nutrition for a certain fitness goal.

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