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Mixed martial arts is a great way to learn a fitness regime that can also teach you defensive skills. If you are just starting out on the martial arts road, then you may wish to start with a personal trainer. Those who are more confident will want an MMA gym that provides classes, equipment and trainers to help you progress. Use Fittco to help you find the perfect gym for your needs.

  • Get functionally fit – As opposed to many exercise regimes, which focus on a narrow focus of techniques and ideas, MMA training is designed to make you strong and fit with a range of movements and techniques that engage the whole body.
  • Self-defence – You may be a lover, not a fighter, but having some techniques that you can utilise in emergency situations can be reassuring and increase your safety.
  • Commitment – Unlike many general gyms, you will be missed if you don’t turn up to class or a training session, really helping you stick to your regime and get results from consistent attendance.
  • Great fun – MMA gyms aren’t all grunting and fighting, they’re actually great fun too, with a group of like-minded people getting together to get strong, lean and fit together in community.
  • Variety – Because MMA doesn’t just concentrate on one martial art, but takes the strongest elements of each, you can do a variety of pure classes like karate or jiu-jitsu, and then combine them in real sparring practice with gloves and pads for safety.

Finding the right MMA gym means to look for more than just the nearest group offering classes. You will need to look at the schedule, to ensure that this matches your own schedule, and that they can offer you the kick boxing that you want. A gym offering a single class a week may not be right for you. By using the Fittco marketplace, you can find a gym which provides the right mix of fitness and MMA classes, professional trainers and staff, and a schedule that suits your own plans.

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