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Are you interested in learning a martial art, or want to improve on a skill which you already have? If you are looking for specialists in martial arts, then you could benefit from finding a specialist studio. These schools, often known as dojos, can have a single martial art as their focus, or will have a number of different classes which each teach a particular skill. Finding the right dojo for you can be easier if you talk to the community at Fittco. This puts you into contact with martial arts studios, and with health and fitness professionals who can offer you advice.

Learn more than just fitness

You may have experienced your first taste of martial arts at the gym, where there are a number of fitness classes with an emphasis upon boxing, defence and Muay Thai, but you will need to improve your skills if you want to learn a real martial art. The range of skills that you will need to perform at a high level in a select martial art needs to be taught at a skilled martial arts studio, so you should discuss your options with the community at Fittco.

  • On the road to real skill – Rather than just a set of exercises as part of a fitness class, learning a martial art will give you a diverse and complex set of skills that will make you strive towards mastery and excellence.
  • Purpose-built venue – Martial arts studios are specifically designed for the discipline they teach; so an aikido hall will have  full floor matting so the rolls and throws can be performed safely, and all studios will have a mirrored wall for practising forms and sprung floors to reduce concussive force.
  • Proper equipment – Many martial arts require specific equipment. Kendo, for example, uses wooden practise swords and full face covers, and Muay Thai requires head protection and gloves. A studio for a specific martial art will have everything you need to gain expertise in a safe and interesting way.
  • Expert instruction – Rather than a general fitness instructor incorporating some punches and kicks into a fitness routine, martial arts studios will have teachers who are masters of their art.
  • All-round satisfaction – A perfect combination of skill, competition, challenge, community, fitness, and respect, martial arts studios tick all the boxes for a fulfilling and profound experience.

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