Martial Arts Gear & Equipment

If you have become a fan of martial arts, then you may want to start buying some of the equipment which is commonly used in the sport you have chosen.

Some martial arts will use no equipment at all, such as Judo and Karate, and you will instead benefit from buying martial arts gloves and footwear designed to support your body as you move and hit.

Other types of martial art, including some of the increasingly-popular Brazilian and Philippine styles, will require weapons such as the Eskrima stick.

If you want to start buying equipment for your martial art, you should discuss your needs with the fittco community.

Stocking a martial arts studio

Martial arts trainers also need to make sure that their gym is correctly stocked with equipment that will help their students to learn the sport. These can range from boxing equipment, punch bags and gloves, to weapons which will be used in the class. If you want to know more about the right martial arts gear and equipment to buy for your classes, you should discuss your specific needs with the experts at fittco.

Interest and variety – Having the equipment that’s appropriate for your particular discipline of martial arts will make your sessions more interesting, as you explore and perfect a range of techniques with different fighting and defensive methods.

Continuing traditions – Practise the martial art of your choice as it was when it originated, which in some cases was hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago. Continue a tradition and honour the roots of your sport by using the same weapons and techniques of its origins.

Appropriate protection – Proper protective equipment is a must for any high contact sport, and martial arts is no different. From gloves to protect your hands (and your opponent’s face!) all the way through to a full face guard for weapons practise, make sure you’ve got what you need to stay safe and healthy.

Refine your art – Having the right equipment will allow you to progress and perfect your skills.

Maximise weight loss and fitness – From punch bags in boxing and other striking supports, through to focus pads and even jump ropes, you can get the best possible fitness results from your martial art by having the equipment that facilitates challenging training.

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