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Holidays and retreats can be a good place to recharge. Active holidays are ideal places to get in shape as they offer sports opportunities and clear fitness objectives.

You can go on different types of holidays and retreats for health and fitness. From physical health to mental health, the following retreats can have multiple well-being benefits.

General active holidays

General active holidays combine multiple sports and fitness activities. These holidays offer all types of activities from cycling to guided fitness classes. The primary benefit of such holidays is the variation of activities. Here are a few sports and activities which are typically offered on these holidays.

  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Fitness classes
  • Trekking

Meditation retreats

Ideal for unwinding, meditation retreats tackle emotional and mental health. These holidays are ideal for those who want to reduce stress levels and to feel energized when returning home. Specialized programs make them a bit more interactive than other types of active retreats as meditation hours can be quite long. Up to 10 hours of meditation per day is offered on certain retreats. These retreats are ideal.

  • Relaxation
  • Rebalancing
  • Calming the mind

Wellness retreats

Wellness holidays are also ideal for relaxation, but they aren’t primarily targeting meditation. These holidays often offer adult-only villas with pool and spa access. Long massage sessions are also a package deal for almost all wellness retreats. You can consider such holidays for the following services and benefits.

  • Spa treatments
  • Massages
  • Private villa accommodation


Boot camps are ideal for getting in shape. Combining cardiovascular training with strength training, boot camp holidays last anywhere between a couple of days and a couple of weeks. You can expect to burn calories and build endurance while at camp. Typical activities on rotation include running, lifting weights, tennis, TRX, Muay Thai boxing, cycling, and another circuit-style type of training. However, many boot camps are organized alongside a single type of sport.

For example, CrossFit boot camps organize multi-day events for CrossFitters. They cover multiple aspects of training alongside the workouts such as nutrition, recovery, and mobility. Specialized to one sport or not, boot camps come with some of the following benefits.

  • Burning calories fast
  • Variable circuit training
  • Community spirit with group training classes
  • Some unique activities such as archery

Trekking holidays

Trekking holidays are ideal if you love sightseeing, nature, and staying fit. These holidays can be based on a certain area. Some of them are also based on visiting and trekking in multiple areas for up to a few weeks. You can expect to walk a lot when on a trekking holiday with resting periods in the evening. Good trekking boots are a must when embarking on such holidays. The main benefits of trekking holidays include.

  • Burning thousands of calories
  • Walking out in nature
  • Meeting other trekkers

Surfing retreats

Surfing retreats are found near popular surfing destinations. They include all types of surfing opportunities from introduction to surfing to riding large weaves for experienced surfers. Many of these retreats also offer yoga for surfing as an additional method of relaxation. The benefits of active surfing holidays include.

  • Access to private surfing events
  • Included accommodation, breakfast, and dinner
  • Meeting other surfers from around the world.

Weight loss retreats

Weight loss can seem complicated. Dedicated weight loss camps focus on training and nutrition for up to a few weeks. People who go on weight loss holidays are typically interested in a healthier lifestyle. From group fitness classes to serving healthy low-calorie foods, these are the ideal holidays for those who want to lose weight. Additional perks might include nutrition classes as well as cooking classes. Here’s what you can expect on a weight loss retreat.

  • Ideal for slimming
  • A large choice of physical activities
  • Presentations on healthy nutrition

Yoga retreats

Yoga retreats are ideal for yoga practitioners. They split participants by their skill level and they’re often heavily focused on long daily yoga sessions. Up to 10 hours of yoga can be practised per day at dedicated retreats. The benefits of yoga holidays on yoga retreats include.

  • Improved mobility
  • Relaxation
  • Better mind-body connection
  • Health and nutrition retreats

Nutrition-based holidays

Nutrition-based holidays involve a combination of learning about healthy foods and eating healthy meals. Dedicated resorts show you how and when to eat. Wholesome nutrition advice is also given on a per-person basis. You can learn what to eat according to your fitness goals. These retreats are characterized by.

  • Personal health and fitness assessment
  • Information on bad diets
  • In-depth knowledge of healthy foods

4 Benefits of Going on an Active Holiday

Holiday and retreats that focus on health and fitness have multiple long-term benefits. Tying new friendships with like-minded people is among them.

Short-term benefits often include the following:

  • Lower stress

You can reduce mental stress even when going on a physically active holiday. Exercise is known for reducing stress levels. Furthermore, being in an environment where you only focus on health helps you prioritize physical and mental wellbeing.

  • Health-improving exercises

Most exercises performed in retreats focus on healing and making you feel better. For example, yoga retreats often focus on the healing part of yoga where you learn how to tune your breathing to movements and how to listen to your body more.

  • Eating wholesome food

All resorts offer breakfast and lunch in package deals. Some also include healthy dinners in the package. This is a top opportunity to taste and even learn how to prepare healthy wholesome food. Specific resorts focusing on nutrition allow participants to taste and then learn how to prepare healthy meals at home.

  • Improved health with the help of professionals

Resorts are holiday locations that employ professionals to help you in all health aspects. Being in the constant care and attention of health experts such as nutritionists and personal trainers has its benefits.

Holidays and retreats are the ideal way of reconnecting to nature and prioritizing physical health and fitness. You can choose the type of destination and experience most suitable to you from the more relaxed spa-orientated holidays to the more complex boot camp resorts.

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