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There are endless types of gym and fitness equipment you can use. You need to know the basics before investing in specialized fitness equipment regardless of if you’re buying it for the gym or home use.

Common fitness equipment choices include the following:

Abdominal machines

Abdominal machines focus on developing strength and muscles in the abs. They can be considered for crunches, leg raises, or hanging knee raises. These are all exercises that target abdominal muscles.

Back machines

Back muscles are trained with pulling movements. Machines that support exercises such as seated rows, back extensions, and pull-ups are considered back machines. They work with bodyweight only or with added weight resistance.


The classic barbell is one of the oldest pieces of gym equipment. It opens the possibility of training chest, back, shoulders, and legs either at the gym or at home. Barbells can be loaded with weight plates for extra resistance.

Boxing and MMA Equipment

Boxing equipment such as boxing gloves and punching bags are used both in training and in fights. These offer varying degrees of protection to the hands.

Cable machines

Cable machines use weights and cables to target multiple muscles. They can be used for curls, extensions, and rows. 

Chin Up & Dip stations

Chin Up stations are ideal for building back muscles and strengthening biceps. Dip stations are made to target triceps and chest muscles. Some fitness machines combine chin-up bars with dip station bars.

Cross trainers

Cross trainers are multi-purpose fitness machines. They typically work for major muscle groups to save space by combining multiple fitness machines into the functionality of a single machine.

CrossFit equipment

CrossFit is a branded cross-training sport. Equipment used in CrossFit includes rowing machines, jump ropes, medicine balls, and barbells.


Dumbbells come in different sizes. As part of the ‘free weights’ category, dumbbells can support entire fitness workouts on their own. Typical exercises you can perform with dumbbells include chest presses, lunges, rows, and goblet squats.

Exercise bikes

An exercise bike is an alternative to an actual bicycle. It allows you to train regardless of the weather and traffic conditions. Stationary bikes can be used with free cycling programs or as part of guided cycling programs as part of weight loss or weight maintenance plans.

Home gyms

Home gyms are multi-purpose fitness stations. They typically target chest muscles, back muscles, biceps, triceps, and leg muscles with at least one supported exercise.

Lat pull-downs

Lat pulldowns use pulleys to target lats. These machines typically come with adjustable weights as a method to add resistance.

Leg machines

Leg machines such as leg presses, leg extension machines, or thighs machines are ideal for the lower body. They work different leg muscles, and most are designed to be used from a seated position.

Multi gyms

Multi gyms are compact multi-functional gyms made as to the ultimate all-in-one training system. These machines are ideal in compact spaces.

Power racks

Power racks are ideal for squats, bench presses, and pull-ups. Most power racks are designed to be used with barbells. Power racks can also come with extras such as dip bars for targeted triceps extensions.

Rowing machines

The rowing machine is one of the most efficient full-body training machines. It activates the arms, the legs, and the torso which recommends it as a calorie-burning gym equipment solution.

Smith machines

Smith machines are ideal for squats. They hold and support barbells with weight plates and they typically help with squats or chest presses.

Squat racks

Squat racks are ideal spotters for squats. Squat racks are mostly unassisted promoting free training, unlike Smith machines.


Running on a treadmill is one of the basic methods of burning calories efficiently. Modern treadmills are made with shock-absorbing platforms which makes treadmills safer for your knees compared to running outdoors on paved surfaces.

Weight benches & weight plates

The classic adjustable weight bench is one of the most versatile pieces of gym equipment. It supports the chest, muscles, biceps, triceps, and even leg exercises. From the classic chest press to seated shoulder presses, the weight bench is one of the ideal options for training versatility.

How to Choose the Best Fitness Equipment

You can buy almost any type of fitness equipment both for the gym and for home training today.

You need to set a budget and draw up a versatility plan when making the purchase.

  • Set a budget. Fitness equipment can be expensive. Therefore, you need to set a budget for your purchases. Certain equipment such as the barbell comes with no accessories. In this case, the weight plates are purchased separately.
  • Consider versatility. The best gym equipment is typically highly versatile. You can buy gym equipment that can be used for multiple muscle groups first. This includes a workout bench and a power rack, equipment options that can be used for tens of exercises.

3 Common Mistakes in Choosing Gym Equipment

Buying the wrong fitness equipment is often a problem that can be avoided. A few common purchasing mistakes rise more than others.

  • Buying large equipment for small spaces

Large equipment is good when you have space. Small gyms and limited home space define the gym equipment you can buy. The leg press and the power rack are some of the largest fitness equipment choices on the list.

  • Investing in machines for isolation exercises first

The preacher curl bench is proven by time inefficiency. However, it only supports bicep curls which doesn’t make it the most versatile gym equipment choice when building a gym.

  • Overlooking the basic machines

A squat rack, a workout bench, and dumbbells are common gym equipment machines. They are highly versatile, and they should be at the top of the purchasing list when planning a gym.

Gym and fitness equipment options are endless today. There are endless viable options from skipping rope to rowing machines. However, the right gym equipment can make your task of getting in shape easier. Furthermore, the right fitness equipment can prevent injuries. For example, the rowing machine only allows you to sit in a correct position where injury risks are lower. Accessories such as leg straps help prevent injuries by keeping your legs on the machine.

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