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Find the best places to buy fitness and gym equipment

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Find the best places to buy fitness and gym equipment

SAVE 25% today

Gym and FitnessSee offer

Find the best places to buy fitness and gym equipment

SAVE 25% today

Gym and FitnessSee offer

Find the best places to buy fitness and gym equipment

SAVE 25% today

Gym and FitnessSee offer

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Gym wear and fitness clothing ensure comfortable and safe exercise.

There is a range of different clothing types for gym and fitness training. Most clothing types are available from an extensive number of brands that all specialise in clothing for exercise.

Range of Movement + Comfort

Gym and Fitness wear can allow for a greater range of movement, support and comfort. Wearing gym wear that will give you room to move is essential – some people prefer form-fitting clothing, whereas others will opt for an outfit with more space. It is easy to find your preference, take a stroll to your favourite activewear brand and see what works for you! Exercising in clothing like your work clothes, jeans, or the dress you wore to your friend’s wedding will interfere with your workout and your abilities.


Let your skin breathe! A key benefit of most activewear brands is the use of sweat-wicking fabric. These fabrics are comfortable while exercising due to the quick-dry effects. They wick away sweat and allow your skin to breathe, leaving you cool and dry. Most brands use these fabrics in tops, shorts, and leggings, which are great alternatives to standard cotton, polyesters, and more.


Even though activewear can often seem expensive, these clothes will last you a long time if you treat them right. Many brands are generally very durable and will hold up against the workouts you put them through. Even though some price tags may shock you, they often last a lot longer than what you may find on the sale rack at a discount store. However, it is vital to look after each piece by avoiding common mistakes like throwing them in the dryer. Rule of thumb: cold wash, air dry.

Correct layering for the conditions

Do you recall how it feels when you wrap yourself in one too many blankets? When exercising, it is essential to avoid that hot, muggy, and suffocating feeling by ensuring you are wearing and layering the right gear. Quality activewear will give you options for all weather conditions, from hot and sunny, to windy and raining. The breathable fabric means you can layer effectively and ensure your body can regulate temperature to push you through your workout.

Selecting Activewear

With so many brands, clothing types, patterns, and designs out there, it can be a bit daunting to work out what’s right for you. We are here to tell you not to worry! There are specific clothing designed for the male body and the female body to cater toward their anatomical setup.

There are clothing types that cross over but are designed specifically for each gender. Gym and fitness-specific clothing include shorts, leggings, tracksuits, t-shirts, singlets, long sleeves, socks, and sports bras. Specific clothing choices will differ and are up to the person’s preferences for the look, feel, and compatibility with the type of exercise.

Women’s activewear often comes in matching pairs consisting of a form of top and bottoms. These are commonly leggings/yoga tights and either a sports bra, tank top, or t-shirt.

Women’s activewear is used for both leisure and exercise, so the clothing aesthetic is a primary factor for each brand. Many of the available options for women come in different lengths to cater to heights, sizes, and desired cuts. Some tops will be cropped, and others are long line, some leggings are ⅞’s, and others are ankle length – again, these are all up to personal preference.

Men’s activewear is often more straightforward and less flashy, which caters to most of the target audience. Block colours and simple design mean that most men are happy with what’s on offer. The main types of gym wear for men are tank singlets, t-shirts, shorts, and tracksuit pants. There are other options that some men like to wear, which include compression leggings/shorts and long sleeve shirts.

So how do you find activewear that you feel comfortable in, fits all the benefits above and leaves you excited and ready for your workouts? Several fantastic brands will give you premium comfort and quality for a reasonable price. Make sure you choose sizes that aren’t tight and leave you feeling restricted – it is essential to feel like you can move freely and perform every exercise well. The biggest thing is finding clothing you feel confident and comfortable wearing. There are no trends that you need to follow when exercising. Just get your sweat on!

BUT there are certain clothing types you should avoid! Some apparel like jeans and restrictive fabrics make exercising difficult and uncomfortable for you and your body. Some clothing can also become a hazard. When it comes to safety, there are a couple of crucial things to consider. Firstly, make sure you always wear supportive shoes that align with the exercise you are performing. Secondly, ensure that your clothes are not too baggy and won’t get caught in weight and cardio machines.

What else is there to consider when buying your activewear?

Here are our top tips:

  1. Opt for activewear specialist brands. These companies specialise in creating clothing to enhance your workout and give you optimum comfort and support. Fast fashion brands that decide to drop a line of activewear don’t always have the practical side of exercise in mind. Often, these clothes will not stand the test of time, or they use incorrect fabrics.
  2. Make sure you clean your activewear as soon as possible. Activewear has advanced incredibly over the years, but it is still essential to get out of the gear and wash your body and clothing as soon as you can. Doing this will help reduce the possibilities of body acne and any bacterial or fungal infections. Remember cold wash, air dry.
  3. If you are looking for activewear for a specific activity, make sure you buy what suits that exercise type. If you are a runner, aim to purchase running leggings for high impact exercise rather than buttery yoga tights, which are for low impact movements. Specialist brands will be able to tell you what to buy and often have sections on their websites!
  4. Make sure you are wearing safe, supportive, and comfortable footwear. There is nothing worse than an accidental 20kg weight plate to the foot. A range of footwear suitable for gym and fitness training and training specific footwear is available from many brands. These include standard running shoes, cross-training shoes, and gym training shoes.

We have said it three times, but we’ll say it again. Every person is different and so are their needs for activewear. The main thing is that you find the best options for yourself while ensuring you are wearing the correct gear to assist and not hinder you through your workout. Just remember your gym wear should make you feel good, improve your range of movement, be comfortable, and set you up for success.

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