Free Gym Passes

Looking for free gym passes? Use Fittco to get the right passes at the right time.

Free gym passes can be the ideal way to ensure that you are able to try out different gyms in your area in order to find the right fit for your needs.

Normally, you would have to pay money in order to visit a gym, even for an once-in-a-lifetime visit, and you may even be obliged to part with a three-month membership in order to be allowed into the building.

With a free gym pass, you can go into the exercise rooms for a day, and try out their different machines to see whether they will suit your fitness needs.

  • Save precious money – It’s difficult to know whether a gym will suit you until you actually use the equipment and feel the atmosphere from the perspective of a client, not just a visitor. Shelling out for a membership can be a big financial commitment for some of us, so don’t part with your money lightly.
  • Find out how busy it will be – Many of us only have a small window when we can use the gym each day. With a free pass, you can ascertain if the gym will be incredibly busy at this time or if the level of attendance is manageable.
  • Meet the people – From other gym-goers to staff, get a sense of what type of people will be around the gym and whether they’ll be likely to help motivate you, or whether they’ll distract you or downright make your time there unpleasant.
  • Suss out the equipment – If you have a specific workout in mind, or like to specialise, a free pass is the perfect way to find out whether the equipment is up to your specifications, and whether you’ll get a chance to use it.
  • Check out the extras – Many gyms have a pool, fitness classes, a coffee shop, and many other extra facilities and services. Now’s your chance to find out if they’re worth the money, or whether you’re better off going elsewhere.

Trailing a gym before you join up is the best way to make sure that you get everything you need from a gym.

With Fittco, you can spot free passes and one-day membership admissions to your local gyms, ensuring that you don’t have to part with good money to try out a gym and find you don’t like it.

Use Fittco to find the free gym passes for your area, as we offer comprehensive information on all free gym passes from participating gyms in Australia.

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