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Fitness classes or group fitness classes are guided workouts to burn calories, build muscle, or get in shape. These classes have multiple members who follow a class leader or a trainer. They last anywhere between 30 minutes and 60 minutes, and they are subject to pre-defined training routines.

Types of Fitness Classes

There are hundreds of fitness classes for you to choose from. You can go down the bodyweight-only route such as in Zumba or add in weights and circuit training such as in boot camp classes. Here are a few of the trendiest classes you can consider.

Aquatic classes

Aquatic fitness classes are held in a pool. Participants follow a given routine with or without weights or other accessories. Most aquatic fitness classes rely on bodyweight exercises and stretching. Ideal for seniors, aquatic fitness classes improve balance, coordination, and muscle strength. They’re also considered by those recovering from a fitness injury.

Barre classes

Barre classes use a combination of movements, stretching, and routines from other disciplines. It incorporates ballet moves, yoga poses, and Pilates movements. These classes can be considered for better fitness in general or physical rehabilitative workouts.


Inspired by military workouts, boot camp classes are the ideal combination of cardiovascular workouts and strength exercises. Bootcamp classes are known as high intensity. Participants follow an instructor and perform various exercises. Most boot camp classes combine bodyweight-only with resistance-based exercises.


Boxing classes are group cardiovascular workouts that last up to an hour. They are characterized by high-tempo boxing. These classes are attended by those looking to burn calories and have fun at the same time.

Circuit training

Circuit training uses weights, resistance bands, air steppers, balance balls, and other fitness gear. It combines high-intensity exercises with moderate intensity exercises to burn calories and lose weight. Circuit training is based on circuit workouts where participants perform a series of exercises as guided by the class trainer.

Cross training

Cross training is a type of fitness class that combines cardiovascular exercises with strength exercises. Members follow a circuit-style workout that lasts up to an hour. Warming up and stretching routes are the first drills of the class. Weighted or bodyweight exercises characterize the main training period after the warm-up in these classes.


Spinning is one of the most popular types of indoor cycling class. Participants follow a class leader (typically a spinning trainer) for a certain fitness goal. There are different types of spinning classes to consider. They can be divided by intensity levels for beginners or experienced cyclists.

Dance classes

Dance classes are scheduled according to skill level. There are various dance classes split into types of dances as well. From jazz dance to hip-hop dance classes, these programs are ideal for staying fit while learning a new skill.

Endurance training classes

Elite athletes as well as dedicated fitness fans can participate in endurance training classes. These are specialized in building physical endurance by pushing the limits of the body with an element such as consecutive sprints, marathon running, or obstacle course training.

Group fitness classes

From GRIT cardio to aquatic Zumba, group fitness classes are based on having multiple participants following the same workout. Motivating for those who don’t like to train alone, group fitness classes are also ideal to lose weight.

HIIT classes

HIIT training uses high-intensity training altered with low-intensity training to reach high heart rate training periods (typically around 80% maximum heart rate). This type of training is ideal for weight loss.

Martial arts classes

Martial arts classes incorporate traditional combat movements, mainly for self-defence purposes. These classes are recommended for those seeking to improve mind-body connection and even to improve balance or strength.

Meditation classes

Guided meditation classes are recommended as relaxation therapies. These can be considered on their own or as part of a general fitness plan. 

Outdoor fitness training classes

Circuit training, endurance training, and even HIIT workouts can be held outdoors. The benefits of outdoor fitness classes include training in the fresh air, plenty of room for distancing, and the ability to participate in group fitness classes of tens or hundreds of participants.

Pilates classes

Pilates or Contrology is a type of physical training that improves fitness, coordination, and flexibility. Like yoga but with a different twist, Pilates classes follow practices developed by its founder, Joseph Pilates.

Strength training classes

Strength training classes typically involve routines and exercises with added weights or bodyweight resistance. The purpose of these classes is to improve strength on a personal level.

Stretch/flexibility classes

Flexibility classes are ideal for avid fitness enthusiasts. These classes are also popular among aging participants who need to balance decrease flexibility. Stretching workouts vary from simple to advanced, depending on skill levels.

Yoga classes

Yoga is a growing phenomenon. Ideal scenarios to practice yoga are typically found in classes. You can join these classes at gyms or dedicated yoga studios. A few key benefits of these classes include relaxation, better mobility, and even guided initiation in yoga practices.

Zumba classes

Zumba is a type of fitness class inspired by Latin American dances. Hip hop moves, tango, and salsa moves inspire Zumba classes. Fun and easy to follow along, these classes are ideal for participants of all ages.

4 Benefits of Fitness Classes

Fitness classes look and feel different from training on your own. While not every class is perfect, certain benefits make these group fitness events ideal to keep progressing in fitness.

  1. Extra training motivation. Fitness classes are ideal for training motivation. A class instructor is typically responsible for motivating participants during the workout.
  2. Training variety. You can join a fitness class a few times per week instead of training on your own every day for training variety. Training can become repetitive and group fitness classes are ideal to break periods of low fitness motivation.
  3. Guided training for proper form. Participants perform all exercises correctly in a fitness class since they’re guided by an instructor. One of the direct results of this professional guidance is a low risk of injuries.
  4. Goal-driven workouts. All fitness classes have a certain goal. You’re guaranteed to burn calories or work your muscles hard when attending a fitness class.

What to Wear in a Fitness Class?

You need to wear the right clothes at a fitness class. Since these fitness routines are more intense than training on your own, you need to ensure you dress correctly for a sustained physical effort.

  • Elastic fitness clothes

Elastic fitness clothes are a must for these classes. Kickboxing classes or circuit training classes require participants to perform a wide range of exercises that require the most elastic clothes.

  • Breathable fitness clothes

Polyester fitness clothes are a must for fitness classes. You should avoid all cotton clothes as sweating is persistent during the class.

  • Sweat wristbands

Sweat wristbands are ideal to wear during a fitness class due to high sweating. You should also bring an absorbing towel to the class. However, there are moments when you need to reach for your towel to wipe off excess sweat but you can’t stop from a certain drill or exercise. This is where sweat wristbands prove handy.

2 Common Fitness Classes Myths

Fitness classes are also subject to a few myths, especially in the eyes of those who’ve never attended them. Here are a couple of myths associated with most fitness classes.

  • Strength training solely relies on weights

You can train strength in different ways. Higher repetitions or higher weight can both improve muscle strength. But even bodyweight exercises can improve strength on their own.

  • Fat can be lost from a certain body part alone

If you think you’re joining a fitness class to get rid of belly fat you need to think twice. Fat is lost through the body, and you cannot lose fat only in a sole body part even if you think you’re targeting it exclusively.

Fitness classes are ideal for group fitness motivation. They can break a period of low motivation for working out.

Group fitness classes are also ideal for guided exercises as a trainer is always guiding participants to correct exercise for maximum benefits with low injury risks.

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