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Take indoor cycling and spin classes at your local gym

Want to keep fit in a way that can ensure that you don't get tired or worn out?

Many people find that they are not too keen on mat-based exercises or boot camps, but think that group cycling classes could be for them.

There are two main worlds of the cycling class, basic indoor cycling and spinning. The latter is a type of cycling class which involves stationary bikes with a low-weight flywheel.

This wheel turns rapidly, so that you are cycling almost all of the time. Spinning can also help you to work other muscle groups which would not be involved in standard indoor cycling.

  • Burn More Calories – cycling classes are known for their intense, calorie burning benefits.  The average 45-minute workout will burn about 500 calories depending on intensity.
  • Build Muscle – cycling focuses on your core and will build muscles in this region; your thighs will also get a boost from “spin” classes.
  • Endurance – increased cardio and endurance are another benefit.  You’ll gain stamina with every class you take.
  • Low Impact – cycling is a naturally low impact workout that won’t put pressure on your knees or joints.
  • Stress Relief – cycling is an incredibly good way to reduce and relieve stress. 

Why take group cycling classes?

More and more people are discovering that indoor cycling in groups can be a lot of fun.

The indoor cycling method can include different levels of resistance that helps you to build muscles, but it can also be a way to exercise with friends and family, and you can chat while you are cycling assuming you have the stamina.

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