We want all of our members to feel comfortable and have a great time using our website. As a result, we created these Community Guidelines which set out standards of behaviour for everyone using our website (and they are in addition to our Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy).

If we think that you are not acting in the spirit of these guidelines, we may decide to delete, edit or modify any post or content. We may also delete or cancel your account and membership in our absolute discretion.

  • Be nice

We want everyone to feel comfortable putting their opinion forward on our website. If you don’t agree with something that someone has said, constructively disagree and put your counter-arguments forward in a logical and non-attacking manner. Personal attacks will not be tolerated.

  • Don’t give or take any professional advice

Even though you may be an expert at something, you must not provide any medical, legal, financial or other advice – and particularly advice of a nature that may cause harm. Users of the site should seek their own independent expert advice and should never rely on anything said by another member – you don’t know who is sitting behind the keyboard and this website isn’t supposed to be a gathering of medical, fitness or health experts!

  • Protect yourself

Once again, you don’t know who is sitting behind the keyboard on the other side when you are talking to someone else on our website. You should never give out your personal information to any member and you shouldn’t ask any member for their personal information either.

  • Advertising / promotion

This website isn’t the platform for you to be engaging in shameless self-promotion or advertising.

  • Nothing illegal

Please don’t do anything that could potentially breach any relevant law or our Terms and Conditions. This includes anything that could potentially be defamatory (no matter how much you think your opinion is true).

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