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We’ll help you increase brand awareness, reach more customers, and generate more sales with our fitness platform.

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Fittco provides an easy-to navigate fitness platform with everything you need to grow and market your business in one place. Do you want to achieve any of the following:

  • Attract a consistent flow of new customers?
  • Increase sales and revenue with less hassle?
  • Give your brand a huge boost and get noticed?
  • Successfully enhance your businesses presence online?
  • Start developing even more loyal customers?

Find out how with fittco

The main reasons and benefits of how Fittco can help you grow and succeed:

  • Get in front of a bigger audience
  • Attract more clients than ever before with our listing options
  • Dedicated and focused fitness industry platform
  • Expand options and promote how you want to be seen
  • Be discovered across multiple platforms and devices
  • Improve and elevate your online presence
  • Increased exposure by being present in more locations (locally or nationally)
  • Extra marketing and brand exposure
  • Build your customer database for future marketing

The ultimate fitness marketing platform.

Here are some of the core benefits on how Fittco can help succeed:

Reach NEW Customers

We help you to attract a consistent flow of new customers. One of the hardest but most important areas for any business is to gain full exposure and attract new customers.

Increase Sales & Revenue

By redefining how fitness is searched and discovered, our marketplace is closing the gap between customer and fitness provider, which helps increase your sales opportunities.

Boost Brand Awareness

Our unique fitness discovery platform, you can expect to increase visibility, improve brand awareness, and reach your ideal customers by actively getting in front of the right target audience.

Enhanced Online Presence

Our online fitness marketplace will enhance your online presence, meaning that potential customers will naturally gravitate towards your business.

Build Customer Loyalty

By building customer loyalty, you will be putting your business in the position to build long lasting relationships with your customers and clients.

Whether you are offering classes, membership subscriptions, sell exercise equipment, work-out gear, supplements or any other product in the fitness space, we can help you connect with customers looking for your product or service.

The types of fitness related businesses that are ideal for the Fittco marketing platform are:

The types of business that would benefit and are ideal for the Fittco platform!

If you are a gym or studio owner, a personal trainer or run a business selling fitness products and services to consumers, we are your go-to partner. The types of business include:

  • Gyms, Fitness Centres and Studios
  • Personal Trainers and Fitness Instructors
  • Gym and Fitness Equipment Suppliers
  • Supplements Shops and Sport Nutrition Suppliers
  • Sportswear, Clothing and Apparel Suppliers
  • Exercise and Fitness Gear Suppliers
  • Fit Tech and Wearable Suppliers
  • Fitness Industry Suppliers
  • Fitness Influencers
  • Health, Injury and Wellness Service Providers (Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Dietitians, Exercise Physiologists, Myotherapists, Nutritionists, Massage Therapists etc.)
  • Aquatic, Swimming and Leisure Centres
  • Weight Loss Providers and Programs
  • Gym Wear and Activewear Suppliers
  • Fitness and Health App Developers
  • Tanning and Waxing Salons
  • Fitness and Race Event Organisers
  • Healthcare Providers
  • plus many more…

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“It’s really a win-win for both consumer and provider, the consumer finds exactly what they are looking for within the one platform, the provider it able to target that consumer at exactly the right time.”

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Find out how Fittco provides an easy-to navigate fitness platform with everything you need to grow and market your business.