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Find a local boxing gym for you with Fittco. Boxing is one of the fastest ways to fitness, and can also be a good way to learn defensive tactics that ensure you can defend yourself when the time comes.

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  • Is the gym, studio or fitness centre near me?

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If you are looking for a way to learn to box, then you should start by searching for boxing gyms in your local area. These gyms are the best way to start in boxing, since you will meet a mixture of coaches and sparring partners that ensure you pick up the necessary skills quickly and can train whenever you wish.

  • Cater to your specific desires – Joining a boxing gym doesn’t mean that you have to fight for real. Instead, you can use the principles of strength and conditioning to reach your goals, whatever they are.
  • Promote body confidence – Even if you don’t want to go five rounds in the ring, learning how to throw a punch will increase your confidence and may help you out in a tight spot with some defensive skills.
  • Lose weight – The combination of resistance and cardio in boxing training means that your body composition will change, gaining muscle and losing fat.
  • Stay engaged – Does the thought of exercise send you into a snooze, with running on a treadmill being pretty much your worst nightmare? Meet boxing gyms, a way to get fit that is fun and engaging. You won’t even realise you’re working out!
  • Get functionally strong – Boxing training requires strength, which has a myriad of health benefits, including reduced risk of osteoporosis, better posture, and a stronger core.

You can learn how to box by finding a professional boxing gym in the local area using Fittco’s lists and advice on how to find a gym which is right for you. Not only can you find a list of local gyms, but you can also talk to professionals, ask advice about health and fitness, and also seek out personal trainers who will be able to help you start your boxing sessions. With all of this knowledge and experience, Fittco can help you to select a course that meets your needs and can help you to become proficient in boxing.

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