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Be more agile with Barre classes

If you have been searching for a new form of exercise which can help to increase your core strength and also develop lean muscles, then you may be interested in the Barre group classes being offered by gyms and studios around Australia.

These classes involve a mixture of ballet and yoga, with a focus upon keeping fit and being able to move the body in graceful but strong movements.

The Barre will usually feature mat-based work as well as arm exercises, thigh movement and then poses at the bar.

  • Increased strength – you’ll gain strength due to the type of contractions the Barre method utilizes. 
  • Target muscle groups – this is an efficient workout that targets many muscle groups at once through a combination of movements.
  • Improved focus – your concentration will increase due to the focus required. 
  • Endurance – increased endurance and stamina will also occur during Barre classes.  This is constant training through small movements that attain amazing results.
  • Fun – this class involves dance, so it is automatically upbeat and naturally fun

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Until a few years ago, most people had never heard of Barre, and didn't realise that it was a popular mixture of dance and yoga.

Now, you may hear recommendations from friends and relatives suggesting that you start taking these classes.

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