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Get fit in the water with aquatic classes

If you want to improve your fitness levels but have suffered from some injuries or discomfort in the past, then you may be looking for a fitness class that can offer you support and a reduction on stress to the body, while still encouraging you to burn calories.

This is where aquatic classes could be a great option for you to consider.

The people using these classes can be of any age or fitness level, and it can help to build muscles and increase the fitness of most swimmers.

  • Low impact – normal fitness routines that take place on land come with a high impact component that can put stress on your joints.  Aquatics classes are naturally low impact and can be enjoyed by a wider range of people.
  • Supportive & buoyant – water will eliminate the effects of gravity and make you buoyant and flexible.  When working in an aquatics class you’ll have the benefit of buoyancy, this reduces risks of injury.
  • Resistance – in water you’ll experience drag and resistance, these factors are equivalent to the force you exert.  In water, resistance is between 4-40 times greater.  Depending on your movement you’ll get a more efficient workout using this resistance.
  • Heart rate – the water pressure in aquatic classes pushes on your body equally, across all surfaces of your body.  This is great for your heart rate and helps the blood circulate.  This means you’ll experience lower blood pressure and heart rates when compared to land-based classes.
  • Recovery – aquatic classes offer a better recovery time between workouts due to the low impact features of water.  You can return to your fitness routine quicker than a land-based routine. 

Learn about aquatic classes

Known as aquacise, this form of group fitness classes takes place in a swimming pool, either attached to the gym or at a local health club.

You may not even be aware that there are classes offering this sort of action at your local gym before you start looking into it.

These can help you to find the perfect sessions to help your fitness levels.

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