24 Hour Gym

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Want to join a gym, but are worried that your work schedule might get in the way? When you are trying to lose weight or start a fitness regime, it is all too easy to give up when you can't find a gym that is open when you most want it to be. DIY gyms and home fitness methods are gaining popularity because working people find it so hard to get into a gym when they have free time. This is where Fittco can help you to make the perfect match with the best 24/7 gyms.

  • Get the full range of kit – Home gyms are a good way of keeping fit without leaving home, but they lack the motivation of working out with like-minded individuals and the full range of equipment. Try a 24/7 gym for the best of all worlds.
  • Never miss a workout – 24/7 gyms allow you to stick to your workout schedule, whatever the time, whatever the weather, and whatever other commitments you have. No excuses!
  • Choose a time that suits you – Everyone’s body clock is slightly different, and if you’re the type of person that likes to get up at 5am and work out, a 24/7 gym has you covered. Similarly, if you want to work out at midnight, you can do that too.
  • Avoid people – Maybe you’re the type that is pretty self-conscious about working out in front of others, due to your appearance or inexperience. You shouldn’t be! But until you gain some confidence, you can come when the place is deserted and work out in peace.
  • Take your pick of equipment – Frustrated by long queues at popular pieces of equipment and lose your motivation while you’re waiting? Avoid peak-time gym jams by coming when the gym’s empty, and with 24/7 gyms, people aren’t forced to squeeze into working out during normal opening hours, meaning that even peak times are less hectic.

With a 24/7 gym, you get opening hours to suit your schedule. That means that if you work the night shift, you can find a gym open during the early hours of the morning, or if you work an early shift, you can find a gym open late at night. By using Fittco to work out where there are 24/7 gyms in your local area, you can find one to suit your daily schedule, so there will be no excuses for missing out on a training session, or skipping classes.

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